It's easy to grow sick and tired of it. The endless days and nights, cars and lights. How people do it is amazing. They don't know cold. They don't know warm. They don't know anything at all.

The snow is falling lightly this evening. The seat out here is cold, but it's been worse before. Year or two ago a guy died sitting out here of hypothermia. The driver came all the same. People got off, people got on. Nobody even realized he was dead till the next day, but that's Columbus.

Technically this place is closed, but it's still a stop on the 23 line. Just can't go inside. The lights are on, most of them. The ones that haven't blown out put a pleasant gleam on the snow outside. People gather here for comfort, for community. It's not a safe place to live near here, but nobody would dare to defile this area. Oh, there's graffiti. Where isn't there grafitti, really. But it's less a claiming of territory than a statement of existance. "I'll be back," they say. Some literally.

The bus is late again. Work won't be happy, but they never are. They don't pay anyone enough to even think about bringing a car, so why they think employees won't be late is quite a puzzle. But it frustrates everyone when the bus is late. Nobody can do what they want.

And all I want is to leave this stupid town. Maybe find another bus station. Maybe they'll be open.

A bus station is a place where bus schedules are posted, as well as where tickets for long trips can be purchased. Typically it is a free-standing building where all (or a certain set) of the buses stop at certain periods each day to take a break. This also allows passengers to switch lines. Many bus stations have vending machines and benches inside, also making them hotspots for the homeless.

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