A mix drink from Brazil that is the closest thing to what I imagine the effects of a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster must be.

The recipe is simple.

Cachaça white Brazilian Rum (Many recipes here would give you an amount, good caipirinha that I have had usually involves just pouring a whole lot in there til it kinda feels right, so I won't be a fascist about it)
1 green lime cut into slices, you want to get all the juice from the lime into the drink, so maybe cut the slices into halves or quarters (include the rind, no peely weely now)
2 teaspoons of sugar
Ice, preferably crushed, quite a bit actually. (to help stop it blowing the vocal chords off you)

Stick it all in one of those drink mixer things and shoogle like crazy for a bit. There's a technical term for this but once you've drank one or two you won't be caring what it is you're doing never mind what it's called. Mind now and SHOOGLE, you gotta get it so the juice from the lime is turning the whole affair a mild greeny colour, otherwise all you're going to taste is the rum.

Pour into the glass, no straining or anything required. Its normally served with a spoon or a straw, in order that you can keep stirring the contents to avoid the lime and sugar separating.

Drink, have fun, it tastes like fruit juice and has a great kick. I recently drank a couple with a friend in a Brazilian bar near my home before walking round to my local. The guy behind the bar took one look at my face and demanded to know if I'd been taking ecstasy.

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