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I was Mr. Lemiscant's student aide during his free period. It came immediately before my Calculus class, which he also taught. He was incredibly attractive. I would sooner peg him to be an actor than a teacher.

"So, Randy, did you understand last night's homework about... convergent lines?" I felt the heat in his voice. It drove my testicles wild with indeterminate hormones.

"Yes... However, Mr. Lemiscant. May I be blunt?"

"It's better to be brief than to go off on a tangent."

"I derived that you integrated a hint of sexual suggestion in your tone. It's been happening continuously for the past month."

"I admit, I feel that we are similar. If only we were contiguous, but alas... I am much older than you. I've been studying your social interaction, Randy, and I feel like your life will parallel mine."

"But you want our lives to intersect?"

"No. That's far too brief for me (and at this point, he made a short motion to his undergarments, for a period shorter than epsilon). I want them to converge."

He walked towards me, and the distance between us approached 0 as our passion flared to infinity. He drove me to my limits with a series of sinusoidal body motions, followed by a sequence of projectile motions. A feeling grew in me exponentially, and soon I erupted with an irrepressable change in my hormonal levels in an infinitely small period of time. Our passion approached 0 once again, and the distance between us grew as the class found their way to their seats.

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