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"I'm gonna open up a can of whoop-ass on ya", a common threat used in the late 1990's to imply that if an individual did something, or did not stop doing something you were going to beat them severly. The severity of the beating could be altered by changing the "container" which was to be full of "whoop-ass"

"I'm gonna tap a keg of whoop-ass"

I'm gonna open up a 55 gallon drum of whoop-ass"

I'm gonna pop the top on this 8 oz. can of whoop-ass"

Slang term for a particularly savage beating, whether actually delivered with one's fists or by some other method that reduces the offending party to a state of defeated submissiveness. As in, "I'm gonna have to open up a can of whoopass on you, boy." Also spelled "Whup ass".

A primarily U.S. Southern slang term meaning that all hell might, or is about to break loose. The origin of this figurative anarchy-related phrase is presently unknown, although it predates The Waterboy. If "cans of whoop ass" were actual items what would they contain? Would they be beverages with high concentrations of caffeine, alcohol or anabolic steroids? What might some possible marketing slogans be?
  • Make your next church social an event to remember... Spike the punch bowl with a six pack of Whoop Ass!
  • Feeling nasty? Feeling mean? Whoop Ass will help you set the scene!
  • Whoop Ass... For those special occasions when a punch in the nose just isn't enough!
  • Whoop Ass! It's like Jackie Chan in a can!

Wait... there is a soda called Whoop Ass! Seriously... check it out!
And, no, the reference to Mr. Chan is not to imply that he's mean. The guy rocks!

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