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...at least around these parts. Listen up, people - car fog lamps are so named because you are meant to use them in fog. Front fog lamps are specially designed to cast a low wide beam to help you see the kerb when visibility is so poor that normal dipped beam headlamps are no good; rear fog lamps are designed to make you more visible to people approaching from behind. They are not:

  • designed to be left on at all times to make your car look cool and racy
  • intended for use just because it's dark or raining; they can be much more dazzling than normal headlamps or taillamps, especially in the rain
  • meant as a alternative for dipped beam - in fact, sidelights and front foglamps probably put you at more risk as it is much harder for other motorists to work out where you are from the unfamiliar light pattern

So in summary, unless it is very foggy, turn them off. Look at the other cars around you and think "If they had fog lights on would I be less likely to crash into them?". Think about the motorist behind you and think "Does he really need to stare into a bright red light whilst following me?".

This advice intended for the UK. You may have daft national laws that require the use of fog lamps at certain times.

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