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Yes. Carbon is the molecular basis for all known life-forms. Carbon is an eight-sided molecule, unless you count the Bucky Balls, which I do. But the trick is, Carbon is only OUR god. Maybe the other elements have life-forms somewhere, too, huh? Maybe other planets have conditions suitable not for Carbon-based life, but helium-based life.

And what about those horrible oxymorons of modern science, the man-made elements? Maybe they'll spawn life too, and somewhere there will be a whole planetful of Californium-based life.

Then again...they always say that DNA replication and improvement might be our main purpose in living, as far as the Universe is concerned. So what if the molecules are the gods of science and not DNA? Maybe the whole push of life is for each type of element to spawn life and get to the point where it creates more elements. Perhaps our whole civilization arose just because the Carbon decided that science was a good way to get us to make more elements. Maybe our whole history is validated because we already did.

Then again, maybe people like me shouldn't smoke pot and get online. Hmmm...deep thinking.

That's a rather loose definition of God, don't you think? It might be closer to the truth to say Carbon is one of the atoms that make up large portions of the organic molecules in all known life.

Last I heard the Gods were supernatural beings that have power over humans and love creating/destroying things. They are usualy sentient beings that have some sort of interest in humans.

Carbon are just little dots that bonds with oxygen and hydrogen to build elephants and trees.

Gods simply do not bond with elementry particles to make elephants (or trees). Sorry to burst you bubble.

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