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Boa Black often brings me gifts.

She often brings them to me when I am in bed. Usually these are the little sparkly glitter balls that I've sewn a thread through. I drag them around for her when she is awake. This has improved her hunting skills.

This summer she has caught 4-5 mice. She usually brings them to me in the early morning when I am up writing. She likes to share finishing them off with me. I do my best to praise her.

Then she brought two really big mouse like creatures. Um, young rats. My son has pet rats so I sent him a picture. Yes, rats. They are three times the size of the biggest mouse. She brings them in nearly dead. I think they give her a really good fight.

She has only brought one bird in this year. I was out of town so my daughter texted me about my evil cat. Sorry.

Last night she gave her full mouth chiiirrrup noise. I was asleep, but woke enough to say "Did you bring me your toy?" She came up on the bed and i reached to touch: and it was NOT a glitter ball. Little limbs.

"Oh! Take it off the bed!" I was sitting up and wide awake. Boa chirped at me again, off the bed. Mouse, I thought, then saw a black wing. Uh-oh. Bat.

I called her downstairs to the kitchen. She carefully let it go, and kept grabbing it. It could flutter up an inch, but was pretty stunned. And punctured. Then... it wiggled under the fridge.

Oh, dear. I tried sweeping out with a coat hanger. No bat. Boa can't fit under there.

So today I have lined up a friend to help me pull the fridge out and tip it up if we have to. And I called the vet: have to update Boa's shots, for rabies. And next the Health Department. If I can find the bat, they will test it. Just think, Boa and I might be able to have rabies shots together.

I got up in the night to let Boa in, but I don't think she had the bat when she came in. But if she didn't, then it means she caught the bat in our house. I don't much like that. The rats are from under the neighbor's small building in back, I am pretty sure. There were some in the garage when I foolishly left bird seed there, but that was cleaned out a while ago. They are welcome to eat the old paint and turpentine.

I hope we can find the bat. It was tiny and if it's alive it can crawl into a tiny space, like a hamster going through a toilet paper tube. Also I don't like killing things, so I don't want to find it injured and gasping.

Cat gifts. My daughter will have a fit.

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