\Cat"a\ [Gr. kata`.] The Latin and English form of a Greek preposition, used as a prefix to signify down, downward, under, against, contrary or opposed to, wholly, or completely.
\Glot"tis\ [Gr. glottis, from glotta, glossa] Tongue.

So, put these two English variants of Greek words together and what do we get?

A lot of slobber, apparently.

You see, cataglottism is one of those weird and unnecessarily dull words used to describe much more fun activities. In this case, French kissing. Technically, cataglottism is just any kissing with the tongue - as in what your dog does to you after sampling the wares of your guest room toilet - but c'mon, we're all adults here.

So the next time you youngsters get caught sneaking in the front door by that "It's-2-am-and-where-have-YOU-been" stares, just let those overly worried parents know you were just studying for a biology quiz over cataglottism.

And try not to snicker.

P.S. For ten bonus points, find the anagram: gloves compendium.

Not so much a nodeshell rescue as a curiosity quenched.

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