Cease (?), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Ceased (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Ceasing.] [OE. cessen, cesen, F. cesser, fr. L. cessare, v. intemsive fr. cedere to withdraw. See Cede , and cf. Cessation.]


To come to an end; to stop; to leave off or give over; to desist; as, the noise ceased

"To cease from strife."

Prov. xx. 3.


To be wanting; to fail; to pass away.

The poor shall never cease out of the land. Deut. xv. 11.

Syn. -- To intermit; desist; stop; abstain; quit; discontinue; refrain; leave off; pause; end.


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Cease, v. t.

To put a stop to; to bring to an end.

But he, her fears to cease Sent down the meek-eyed peace. Milton.

Cease, then, this impious rage. Milton


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Cease, n.





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