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Actually, chain punching is more of a concept than a specific move. Most commonly found in Wing Chun kung fu, chain punches use a vertical punch, meaning the knuckles are aligned vertically rather than horizontally as is common in boxing and karate. (By the way; kung fu refers to a whole group of martial arts, not to one specific one. In fact, it pretty much means martial art. So it’s inaccurate to talk about a move coming from “kung fu” without specifying a type.) The punch connects with the bottom three knuckles of the hand, and the wrist and elbow snap to give the punch power.

To turn a standard vertical punch into a chain punch, just do multiple punches. Each is aimed for the center line of the body or the front of the face, and is replaced by the one before it. So if you punch with the right hand, the left hand will then come over the top and take the right hand’s place, while the right hand recovers back and prepares to replace the left. In theory, you can chain as many punches as needed, but I usually only see three. After that, the target has staggered too far backwards, so the attacker needs to step forward and start again.

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