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Charlie - I said I would write once we got here. Manhattan air stinks. Cars are everywhere, people rush past and the noise seems unbearable until bedtime. City people eat later than we do. Men walk by carrying their briefcases, most of them tip their hats when they see me. Father's room is empty so that's the one I've been using. At night things quiet down though the streetlights shine through my window. I don't know if you would like it here. The furniture is new, most days Father's wife sits in her rocker staring at his chair like that's going to bring him back.

There's something I want to tell you. You know how upset I was after Nathaniel left? And how I swore that I'd never let any man have power over me again? I was wrong Charlie. I let a good man down and now that I'm hereĀ I'm ashamed of myself. Father dreamed big but he never had much to show for it. The new furniture hasn't been paid for but I don't tell his wife that. I just let her sit and pray that her head gets straight. Sometimes she cries but not much. It's kind of pitiful watching her so I go out when I can. We had ham for dinner tonight because that's what was left in the icebox.

Before supper I walked down the street to get some eggs and butter. I bought Fanny peppermints and said no to a chocolate bar. The neighborhood boys were playing chalk games when we got back. Fanny watched while I wished I could have been a boy like Father wanted. When they were all done one of the kids handed me his piece of chalk. After Fanny was asleep I put my Sunday dress on to go back to the building where Father counted money. It was dark but I went and put a big X on the spot where father landed. I think the angels up in heaven would be proud of me.

Your sister,


P.S. Tell Nathaniel I'll be home soon.

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