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(This is lifted from Bread and Puppet's book, What is Cheap Art?. The date on the back is 1987. What you can't see are the pictures and the fact that the whole thing is on bright mustard paper.)


  1. Bad art; cheap in the sense of: sloppy, unsightly, unframed, unmatted; non-valuable art, because of slap-dash execution with poor materials; ephemeral art with no eternal ambitions.
  2. Blatant art, political art, sloganeering art.
  3. Irrelevant and uncivil art, as far as self-indulgent and self-obsessed humanity is concerned; also: animalistic art, cow-art, tiger-art, as opposed to decent human art (for-gods-only art).
  4. Normal commonplace total cliché-art, representing reality artlessly.
  5. Glossy, pretty, and shiny art--to promote brightness.
  6. Art against Mobil and other smartarse artpromoters and generally against the business of art.

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