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One of the things I've always loved about the band Sublime is the way Spanish words and phrases would find their way into the band's lyrics. One song, 'Chica me Tipo,' is entirely in Spanish. The title means roughly 'The type of girl for me.' I can't include the original Spanish lyrics due to copyright reasons, but here is my own English translation

The English may vary from some translations, as all translations do, but it seems that a lot of the spanish lyrics floating around seem to be slightly wrong, so most of the English translations come out a bit wrong as well. Here's what I have, which is similar to some translations, but also a bit different:

It don't care what you wear (what is worn)
'Cause you're going to take it all off (it will all be taken off)
It's like I can't see it (you), 
Not even in a painting.

When we began, I didn't realize
That later I'd have to pay
But if things change, 
I'm dying to lay down with you,
With you.

I don't try to preach 
Live and let live
But a condom in your pocket
Is your best friend (opposite lines in the Spanish)

I'm no doctor, I'm no joker 
(the word 'chapusero' actually means more than this, more like 'lazy bum who just sits around and goofs off' )
I'm only a poor guy, and now I'm so alone
But if things change, she'll be mine,
To have as my property,
As my property

The song can be found on Sublime's album, 40 oz. to Freedom, and the original lyrics can be found on www.sublimespot.com, as well as another translation.

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