Just about any car has one. You push it into the cigarette lighter socket and wait. After a few seconds, it will pop back out and will have extremely hot element on the end used to light cigarettes, cigars, etc. Usually the only thing that still works the way it should in old cars if it hasn't been lost.

A Cigarette Lighter is an implement used to light cigarettes, normally containing flammable gas and some kind of ignition system to light said gas at the correct moment.

Annoyingly, this is an implement commonly forgotten by Cigarette Smokers in pubs and bars. This leads to the phrase "Excuse me, do you have a light?" interrupting your conversations at regular intervals as someone waves a cigarette in front of their mouths a la Groucho Marx with his cigar and looks at you expectantly.

For gods sakes people, if you're going to smoke bring a bloody lighter.

Among other retailers, radio shack used to sell a solar cigarette lighter. It consisted of a polished metal parabolic mirror attached to a hinge that let you orient it in several different positions, and a clip which held your cigarette. When properly oriented, it would cause sufficient sunlight to be reflected onto the end of the cigarette to set it afire so that you could smoke it. The solar cigarette lighter has gone out of fashion but was once a common knickknack and was often seen attached to motorcycles.

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