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mexican wave, outstretched and sensate, pulse and return,
bending with the flow like ocean grass

nine pairs of threads, ringing the centre, flex and rhythm
myriad fibres move in concert

crowd surfing egg, opportunity, swept into play,
answering filaments competing

swimming array, beamforming baffles listen for me
fuzzy reception, fine perception

rattling tempest, defensive forest, passing aliens
raw edges, a quest for clarity

stirring transport, trafficking thinking, meme courier
my introspective anenome

a snail digests, bowing filaments process a meal
common technologies unite us

water courses, in fingered journeys, to waiting gills
tai chi army attends the currents

single celled souls move on fibrous feet, pulsing protein
tiny maypoles, paired ribbons and hub

+ small eyelashes, stretching, relaxing, in unison
+ a dance of veils under watered silk

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