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The conception here is that of armed conflict, like that between nation states. Reading this though, struck that what is being referred to is a convulsion in the structure of society, usually in the past a violent one. It is more like a seizure in the body of an animal than a fight to the death between natural enemies. When the organization of society has reached a point where it must change, it does. What leapt out from between the lines in the article from the IMT site is that Egyptian society is forcibly reorganizing itself, spontaneously in different sectors, to move to new relations of production, the new structure of a society. Some Marxists, in particular, but others as well commit an intentional fallacy in seeing it as (just) class conflict, because those who are doing well seem to be opposed to those who might not be. Rather, it's a breakdown of the old structures in a full consciousness of the majority that the old one must go. Economic classes are in fundamental tension definitionally in a system based on each-against-all self-interest seeking. Given the opposition of interests, the tension is always there, more or less clearly perceived, understood. The opposition is posed by the traditional forms of society, inherited ancestrally, and in continual conflict with the core semantic value of what society is about, that individuals pool their interests for their collective greater good. But it's like the "War on Terror", something is being called "war" and it is definitely a conflict, but it is more like birth labor, growth pains of a single organism than a fight between one or more.

As Emperor, one can attempt a Rectification of Names. As an ordinary citoyen, one must live with them. This is how I understand "Class War" as it is happening. The conflict is real, how squarely it is ever "war" varies.

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