This phrase is trending currently in case you were not aware.

Perhaps instead you were reading books

reviewing them, writing poetry,

listening to lyrics, writing about biscuits

but not eating them, gardening in grand style

hang gliding above San Bernardino,

having your heart broken again

or your spirit crushed over and over,

reading and counting words, programming,

working behind the scenes wherever you are

keeping this place running smoothly,

filling nodeshells, adding angels,

sharing your beliefs, your observations

or you might be waiting, somewhat disappointed

chatting, upvoting, downvoting, dreaming or

appearing now and then, a flicker

sending messages from far while here

words to words, we strangers stay connected or

you might watch a man walk down your morning street

putting strawberry scented chapstick on his dry lips

before catching his train to work in the city.

In those instances, you were clocking the house.

Pay attention, everything you do is important in the moment.

* Thanks to Serjeant's Muse for using vocabulistically which
I doubted was a real word.


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