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Why can't people understand what you see in them. They think they're horribly flawed. They're not, they're perfect but you dare not say that. Perfect has become an insult these days, it's sad but true.

They couldn't make you hate them, they couldn't make you not love them. Why do they try so hard to prove they're flawed, it only proves they're perfect to those who care for them.

People question me, she questions me, I do not question myself. I know why, it's written in my soul. It gives me strength knowing that I have loved such a person. No matter what happens I can not turn away from life, she is here, if she exists others must exist like her. Life is worth any hardship and struggle you might encounter for, if nothing else, the priviledge of simply existing with such dreamy little humans. Well I dare not call her perfect but she is close enough to perfect for me. You know who you are. :)(:

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