Clot (?), n. [OE. clot, clodde, clod; akin to D. kloot ball, G. kloss clod, dumpling, klotz block, Dan. klods, Sw. klot bowl, globe, klots block; cf. AS. clate bur. Cf. Clod, n., Clutter to clot.]

A concretion or coagulation; esp. a soft, slimy, coagulated mass, as of blood; a coagulum.

"Clots of pory gore."


Doth bake the egg into clots as if it began to poach. Bacon.

Clod and clot appear to be radically the same word, and are so used by early writers; but in present use clod is applied to a mass of earth or the like, and clot to a concretion or coagulation of soft matter.


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Clot, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Clotted; p. pr. & vb. n. Clotting.]

To concrete, coagulate, or thicken, as soft or fluid matter by evaporation; to become a cot or clod.


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Clot, v. t.

To form into a slimy mass.


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