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The security checks at airports have grown more and more rigorous. In October of 2001, flying to New Orleans, I was required to X-ray my belt at San Jose airport. Flying out of San Jose again after the terrorist trying to light C4 that he had in his shoes, I had to put my shoes through the X-ray machine.

Continuing upon this trend, in the not too distant future, it is apparent that flying will be quite different than it is today. Picture a progressive airline (such as Virgin airlines) teaming up with Hooters and a nudist colony to provide the most enjoyable and secure flight. At the gate, everyone would check in their clothes and board the plane in the buff. That's right - nude... nekkid. Each seat of the airplane would be covered in butcher paper (much like that at the doctor's office). The flight attendants (from Hooters) would then go through the safety announcements. For once, I am certain, that people would actually pay attention to them during the safety briefing at the start of each flight.

The biggest problem in overcoming this would be that people are packed in the airplane like sardines. In strict violation of the male bathroom code our hands would be just a bit too close to the package of the person next to you (and I'm certain that women wouldn't be quite comfortable with men having their hands that close to their groin either). Of course, this means that everyone should get first class seating or have two isles with 1-1-1 seating or 2-1-2 instead of the more common 3-3 or 2-3 seating that exists today.

This was originally intended as a joke. However, it appears to have become reality. Thats right - reality...

Castaways Travel of Houston is offering a all-nude flight from Miami to Cancun for $499, round trip. This flight will be on May 3, 2002 on board a Boeing 727-200 jet.

The Reuters news article about this has the following line at the end:

Given the incredibly strict airport security that is now the rule in the U.S., passengers aboard "Naked-Air" should have it a bit easier -- none are likely to be carrying too much in their luggage.
Meanwhile, the AP news article (apparently a very slow news day) states that the FAA has said that there are no regulations banning nudity on an aircraft, however additional safety issues will be taken into consideration - no hot food or drink. Furthermore, all travelers are asked to keep a towel between themselves and the seat.

For yet another update, March 6 2003, Reuters did an article about Hooters Air. Hooters Air is starting off with just an old retrofitted plane that flies between Atlanta and Myrtle Beach. Later, a second route from Newark, New Jersey to Myrtle Beach will be added. The flight attendants will be busty young women wearing orange and white outfits that leave little to the imagination.

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