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Species of Australian parrot. Notable for the crest of feathers on its head and an ability (in domesticated birds) to talk. Has a workmanlike beak that is used for cracking nuts in its native environment. Do not stick your finger in a strange cockatoo's cage. Tame birds can be affectionate.

A traditional bush recipe, also possibly Australia's First Joke.
A piece of Culture that needs to be recorded.
Also said of the galah.




  • Place your billy fully of water in the fire.
  • Pluck your Cockatoo, remove head, feet and entrails.
  • When the water is quite hot, throw the Cockatoo and stones (or Ironwood) in the pot, and wait.
  • When the stones are soft, or the ironwood is tender, remove from the pot, and eat.
  • If you have a dog, give the cockatoo to it. Otherwise throw it away.
Tender, nutritious, serves one and one dog.

Please don't hurt me too much, it's my first time

Cock`a*too" (kok`a*tOO"), n. [Malayan kakatUa.] (Zoöl.)

A bird of the Parrot family, of the subfamily Cacatuinæ, having a short, strong, and much curved beak, and the head ornamented with a crest, which can be raised or depressed at will. There are several genera and many species; as the broad-crested (Plictolophus, or Cacatua, cristatus), the sulphur-crested (P. galeritus), etc. The palm or great black cockatoo of Australia is Microglossus aterrimus.


© Webster 1913

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