For days I haven't had the time to sit down and code - I mean really code. Thousands of little tasks pop up. Not that its bad, those tasks need to get done too, but if the project itself is going to be done on schedule, I need the time to code. Shutting the door on my cube (yes, it has a door) doesn't help much. The true opportunity to code comes on the weekend.

Take together all those snipits of code and scraps of ideas scribbled down on napkins at restaurants. Individual functions have been written in the time between meetings with as much generality and flexibility as possible - yet they lay untested. This is it, the time of the crafting when the craftsman takes together all the tools and parts that are waiting and assembles them - the time of the code, when the programmer actually has a clear vision of the task at hand and all the subroutines have been made. No menial jobs remain of trudging through SQL statements and database connections. No disputing with project managers and business owners about how it should look. The components have all been built months ago and have sat waiting for this moment.

        new Component::Select({
                'name'     =>  'platform',
                'options'  => [
                    map { [$_->{'PLATFORM'},$_->{'PLATFORM'} ]}
                          @{GetHWList($it eq 'Foo'?'F':'C')}

Now is the time of the running. Three functions, never before assembled in such a way. Together they fit as if they have always been a single whole. Together they flow, the returned data from one cleanly melts into parameters of the other.

Hours spent in thoughtful coding
help us make the right conditions
more than days and days of meetings
help us feel the flow of the program counter
binding each statement to every other
closer when the complier is run

And it runs!

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