The quality of the foodstuffs generally found in college dining halls are generally of the lowest caliber and should not be consumed. As a student of Cornell University, which is ranked in the top 5 in food quality, it still tastes pretty bad once in a while. Compared to high school cafeteria food, in my experience, I would say college food takes the prize. Then again, that is not saying too much......

I am currently an employee of the dining hall know to Cornellians as Jansen's. There I learned the art of food preparation. Sorry, I forgot, there I learned the art of food preparation, en-masse. Everyone should see the way the scrambled eggs are done. Liquid eggs treated with citric acid are poured by the gallon into a massive tank and steamed. Eventually, pseudo-scrambled eggs emerge. A type of fish called scrod (!!!) would make frequent appearances because it cooks quickly. And don't we all love re-heated burgers?

And Cornell food is ranked #3! It isn't bad, at times it is quite excellent (food of that caliber is usually found at a different dining hall, named Hughes), but it is the dishroom that really destroyed my soul. There is a machine there. It makes compost. At the end of every night, I would have to dig my arm shoulder-deep into compost to unplug it and clean it. The place stinks, it is filthy, and the floor is covered with broken glass and porcelain. God I hate that place. I swear I will never work there again. Why do I work there you say? Well, it pays very very well and I need the money.

So, my advice is, if you go to college, don't eat at the dining halls (unless it regularly excels, like the aforementioned Hughes dining hall, located in the law school of Cornell). Go somewhere else.

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