Com*mis"sion*er (?), n.


A person who has a commission or warrant to perform some office, or execute some bussiness, for the goverment, corporation, or person employing him; as, a commissioner to take affidavits or to adjust claims.

To another adress which requisted that a commission might be sent to examine into the state of things in Ireland, William returned a gracious answer, and desired the Commons to name the commissioners. Macaulay.


An officer having charge of some department or bureau of the public service.

Herbert was first commissioner of the Admiralty. Macaulay.

The commissioner of patents, the commissioner of the land office, the commissioner of Indian affairs, are subotdinates of the secretary of the interior. Bartlett.

Commissioner of deeds, an officer having authority to take affidavits, depositions, acknowledgment of deeds, etc., for use in the State by which he is appointed. [U. S.] -- County commissioners, certain administrative officers in some of the States, invested by local laws with various powers in reference to the roads, courthouses, financial matters, etc., of the county. [U. S.]


© Webster 1913.

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