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The student who did not live on campus.

The student you never saw at any parties.

The student you never saw at any study groups.

The student who always had his/her bag packed FULL of books when you carried only two, or none at all.

The student who always looked tired because he/she had to carry all those heavy books back and forth on public transportation. The student who's name you never knew because they couldn't stick around long enough after class was over to socialize for fear of missing their train, trolley or bus.

At the University of South Florida, the student who is always complaining about how lousy the parking situation is on campus, and who makes up 80%-90% of the student body. Who follows pedestrians around looking to take the parking space they'll vacate, and doesn't seem to quite realize that some of us actually do walk to class in the boiling Florida heat. (Of course, disappointing them by continuing on past the edge of the lot was fun in a mildly sadistic sort of way.)

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