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We are a society of people
forced into a mold of normalcy,
assuming composure and dignity as much as we can

Do you ever notice what people try to hide?
Their conditions, afflictions that set them apart from others

The agoraphobic stays at home.
The girl with alopecia wears a blonde wig and false lashes.
The hopelessly depressed man drowns in forced laughter and drink.

Stigma bred silence and isolation,
a world of hidden conditions:
it's what they all have in common but think makes them different

Com*po"sure (?), n. [From Compose.]


The act of composing, or that which is composed; a composition.


Signor Pietro, who had an admirable way both of composure [in music] and teaching. Evelyn.


Orderly adjustment; disposition.


Various composures and combinations of these corpuscles. Woodward.


Frame; make; temperament.


His composure must be rare indeed Whom these things can not blemish. Shak.


A settled state; calmness; sedateness; tranquillity; repose.

"We seek peace and composure."


When the passions . . . are all silent, the mind enjoys its most perfect composure. I. Watts.


A combination; a union; a bond.




© Webster 1913.

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