restraint in a three dimensional world
walls on three planes keeping my mind at rest
suffocating my thoughts
and conforming to reality
instead venturing
exploring the extremities
passing through one world and into another
another brain
another cell
another idea
exhibiting similarity and difference to what is real
what is real
real is what?
can we say anything is real?
is death real?
if energy cannot be destroyed, only converted
can we die
why do i feel dead then
why don't i feel transformed
a caterpillar and monarch
from monkey to ape to me
and back again
demoting the human spirit with destructive deportment
survival of the fittest
where the measure of fit is mental
and brute strength will be forgotten
as we move to binary behavior
and a technical tenacity
we torture
we confine
we build walls around ourselves and in turn around
its not conFINEwith me
confine me
and you confine yourself
your potential
for my potential reaches beyond the tangible
and into the intangible minds of surreallism
surreal confinement
surREAL confinement
real confinement
veer away


Con*fine"ment (?), n.


Restraint within limits; imprisonment; any restraint of liberty; seclusion.

The mind hates restraint, and is apt to fancy itself under confinement when the sight is pent up. Addison.


Restraint within doors by sickness, esp. that caused by childbirth; lying-in.


© Webster 1913.

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