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What my job title was when I was a "gas station attendant" in Canberra. Being a console operator (or consop) basicly involved standing behind a cash register, smiling and taking peoples money.

A typical transaction might go like this:
Customer: "Number 6"
me: "$25 dollars worth of Unleaded on Number 6. Anything else with that?"
Customer: "Nup."
(A couple of keystrokes brings up the total)
Customer: "oh, and a Mars Bar"
(scans Mars Bar)
me: "Anything else?"
Customer: "No, that's all."
me: "That's $26,20"
(customer pays and takes change)
Customer: "thanks"
me: "Thankyou, goodbye."

I did this on and off for three years while I went to uni, and we were regularly tested by 'mystery shoppers', so I got it pretty down-pat.

Apart from taking people's money, the other important parts of the job were:

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