Con*trib"ute (?), v. t. [imp. & p.p. Contributed; & vb.n. Contributing.] [L. contributus, p.p. of contribuere to bring together, to add; con- + tribuere to grant, impart. See Tribute.]

To give or grant i common with others; to give to a common stock or for a common purpose; to furnish or suply in part; to give (money or other aid) for a specified object; as, to contribute food or fuel for the poor.

England contributes much more than any other of the allies. Addison.


© Webster 1913.

Con*trib"ute, v. i.


To give a part to a common stock; to lend assistance or aid, or give something, to a common purpose; to have a share in any act or effect.

We are engaged in war; the secretary of state calls upon the colonies to contribute. Burke.


To give or use one's power or influence for any object; to assist.

These men also contributed to obstruct the progress of wisdom. Goldsmith.


© Webster 1913.

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