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The act of drawing one's verbal cutlass, jumping up onto the deck of the current conversation, pushing the current topic over the gunwale, and steering the gathering towards your own port.

Depending on the crowd, can be punishable by time in the village stocks after the party is over. Some, however, are gleeful buccaneers and will gladly do battle for control of the subject.

A game that can be played by almost any number of people. Start with a single piece of paper and a single pen. Tear the paper into pieces so that there is one for each player. Each player then writes a secret word or phrase on his or her own piece of paper. The object of the game is to get someone (besides yourself) to say the word or phrase during the course of a normal conversation.

1. You may choose to either say your secret word(s) in an attempt to convince others to say it, or you may choose to keep it secret and manipulate others into saying it.
2. If you can guess what other players' secret word(s) are, you may choose to purposely avoid saying it.
3. You must steer the conversation to your word(s) without using non sequiturs.
4. When someone else has uttered your word(s), reveal your piece of paper for scoring.

Scoring is based on a panel of judges consisting of all the other players except you. Each must give your word(s) and performance a score between 0 and 10. You receive points equal to the average of their judgements. Play continues after you think up a new word or phrase and write it down. Challenge yourself with more and more obscure or humourous things to say.

The game continues until everyone has uttered a non sequitur.

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