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There are plenty of recipes out there on how to cook pot brownies or pot muffins or whatever, but what if you just want to add a special zing to, well, random food? (Yes, I eat random food, and you should too.) So here's how to make marijuana suitable for adding to food...in other words, how to make cooking pot. Hehe.

OK, first, understand the following: THC is NOT water-soluble. If it was, water-bongs wouldn't work, because the water would suck all the good stuff before you could. But THC is fat- and alcohol-soluble, which means it absorbs nicely into food.

One of the nicer ways to get pot into your food (aside from, say, poking little holes and inserting buds) is to make THC-flavored cooking oil and use THAT to make your food. This is blindingly simple:
1. Cut up some pot (cut it really small unless you want chunks in your teeth).
2. Put it in a frying pan with butter, or any kind of oil. (Use about 1/8 oz. of pot for about 1 stick o' butter. You'll know. Just experiment, and keep your tolerance in mind--cooked pot is pretty fuckin strong!)
3. Heat it. Let it get good and crispy and start to smell good, but don't burn it.
4. Cool the oil / butter and use it like you were planning to in the first place.
5. Now you must deodorize your kitchen and probably your whole house, since this method produces a beautiful, thick, and abundant pot-smell.

My favorite uses for cooking pot are (seriously): Mashed potatoes, toast, fried eggs and chicken. MUCH more fun than just brownies, don't you think?

Er...if this is illegal in some way, well, I'm damn glad you all don't know who I am!

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