A relatively new drug for treatment of Multiple Sclerosis sold by Teva Marion partners. It consists of a daily self-administered subcutaneous injection and sucks ass. Especially if you hate needles like I do. The side effects aren't so bad, just hard lumps at all seven of the injection sites you use from a day to day basis. Also, the hives are great, can't say anything bad about them. It's an immuno-modulator which means that it "changes" the way your immune system works to try to keep your body from slowly destroying its own nervous system. Thusly, it also causes weakness and potentially a higher risk of cancer, etc. And I'm stuck with this shit the rest of my life. Better than ending up in a wheelchair I suppose.

On the upside, if you get low on cash, you can always sell your used needles to the heroin addict down the street.

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