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Cordelia's Dad are a folk/punk from Northampton, MA. They started out covering traditional folk songs in both a fast and loud manner (Their first album contained a cover of Scarborough Fair). Eventually, they started tinkering with the songs and writing bits of their own. They even started doing acoustic versions. For a while, they decided to split they two styles into two bands: the acoustic folk band would remain Cordelia's Dad, while the loud, raucous music would be Io. But, after a while, they just decided to be Cordelia's Dad again.

Cordelia's Dad is composed, theoretically, of Tim Eriksen, Peter Irvine, and Cath Oss. But at various times, it has also included fiddler Laura Risk and banjo master Dwight Diller, as well as several others. Eriksen and Oss are also part of a group called Northampton Harmony, and sing unaccompaned 18th and 19th century shape note hymns. Eriksen and Irvine are in a band entitled Zabe i Babe, which plays popular and traditional songs from the former Yugoslavia. All in all, they're pretty cool cats.


Cordelia's Dad, 1990 - Noisy

How Can I Sleep?, 1992 - split between folk and catchy loud rock

Joy Fun Garden, 1993 - Mostly acoustic; no longer in print

Comet, 1995 - Almost entirely acoustic; an excellent evening in front of the fireplace album, especially when the last (electric) track jars you out of your seat

Roadkill, 1996 - Live album, much screeching; a great rock album

Spine, 1998 - entirely acoustic, but recorded by Steve Albini . . .

Much thanks to http://www.cordeliasdad.com for this one

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