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Centaurea cyanus

Also known as bachelor's button, bluebonnet, bluebottle, blue centaury and cyani. This is an annual herb which is native to Europe and cultivated in North America. It has a stiff, branched stem which grows to 12 to 24 inches high. The leaves are narrow and lobed near the base. Flowers appear on the plant between June and August, and are blue in colour. (Some varieties occasionally produce white or rose-coloured flowers).

Cornflowers are diuretic and tonic, and are used for dyspepsia. In mixed teas, the herb can be used for cosmetic purposes. The flowers may also be made into an eyewash or eyedrops, or into a compress for the eyes.

Corn"flow`er (-flou`?r), n. Bot.

A conspicuous wild flower (Centaurea Cyanus), growing in grainfields.


© Webster 1913.

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