When you spend eight plus hours a day in the same place, chances are you are going to have to eliminate sooner or later - maybe even multiple times. Hence, the typical corporate office is equipped with restrooms, usually one for each floor. As with most blessings, this one bears its own peculiar curses as well.

A simple one-toilet, one-sink affair with a locking door is usually out of the question. There are just too many people in most corporate offices to make that practical. Instead, the facilities will have a bank of toilets in stalls, plus urinals in male restrooms, and a swinging door. While affording convenience in not having to form a line, this also creates a challenge: having to cope with doing your business in the presence of your coworkers.

Though it may seem trifling, just pissing next to another male in the restroom can be unsettling. Not everyone has the same idea of how such situations should be conducted. Whether the person beside you pretends they've never seen you before, or they attempt to strike up a witty conversation, the fact remains: you are each holding your dick in your hand! Standing next to your boss, employee or colleague while handling your manhood is just a recipe for extreme awkwardness, however well concealed. Everyone knows, but nobody wants to talk about it.

Defecation introduces even more sensitivity in the corporate restroom. There are a few possible scenarios:

No matter how you slice it, mixing business and business is a complicated matter. You can either devise clever avoidance tactics like those mentioned above, or cultivate yourself to a zen-like state in which it's all good, baby. Or, you can be like one guy I know, and just hold it all day, then spend an hour on the toilet when you get home. May be hazardous to your physical and mental health, though. Ultimately, there is no easy way around it. Corporate restrooms are a reality all of us drones have to face. Deal with it.

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