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One of the multiple indentations left on one's buttocks, legs, arms, back, etc. by upholstery fabric covering a couch. These are similar to the markings cited in Calvin and Hobbes wherein Calvin fell asleep on his Dad's lap and recieved impressions from the corduroy slacks on his cherubic face.

This is also akin to the general texture left on skin surfaces in contact with carpeting when sitting for an extended period...sort of like an orange peel.

There is no antidote to avoid a couchprint altogether, but occasionally shifting yourself on the couch will minimize the severity.

The actual indentation left in a piece of furniture when your butt spends way too much time on it. On some types of furniture (especially the cheap kind that you'll find in my house) these dents are permanent and no amount of cushion fluffing will put them right again. This has caused some friction with past roommates because my butt is a couple sizes smaller than the average joe and makes the places I frequently roost uncomfortable sitting for folks with standard sized butts.

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