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A term which I use to describe a peculiar school of musical aesthetics. This school of thought values the creativity and spontaneity of amateur, inexperienced, or even non-musicians who create, perform and record music despite the fact that they don't know how to play or are still learning how to play their instruments.

Though this school definitely has to deal with some unusual aesthetic dilemmas--for example, they must often ask the question "are these guys idiot savants or just idiots?"--I've found that this school often uncovers interesting and intriguing music that has a visceral effect on my grey matter.

Musicians like Jandek, the Shaggs, and Beat Happening are examples of creative incompetence, and in fact much of rock music (from the 50s until today) benefits from this concept.

It can explain why many rock bands, who often teach themselves how to play music, start to suck after the first couple of albums as they learn how to play their instruments. Eventually, they lose interest as they master their craft and the sense of joy and discovery drains out of their music.

This term is definitely linked to "outsider music" and is distantly related to the concepts of folk art or outsider art.

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