A stance from which all your decisions are made. Growing up, you are surrounded by many objects, people, ideas, ideological slants, and Everything you come in contact with gives you your cultural bias.

This is who you are, it reflects partially your personality, and how you react to, or accept situations as being cool, l33t, hardcore or not to your taste. This is the palate of your mind, and is your essence, an artificial intelligence that will take researchers a very long time to replicate in robots or cyborg clones of humans. This site, E2, is collecting everyones cultural bias and sucking it into 1 giant Semiotical bucket for us all to assimilate and become one. Much like the Borg on star trek, however as humans i think we will not become more specialized, but will be more aware of the generalities to exist in our freshly discovered non-linear space.

Cultural Bias makes us all unique, and interestingly attractive to each other. Never be afraid to be yourself, and enhancing your cultural bias, but never push your bias on others by assuming yours is the l33t3st. Appreciate the difference, and dont be afraid.

The future is biased.

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