What would Everything2 be without a node dedicated to the greatness of CUP NOODLES! We're sure we don't have to go into how popular these cups are both in Japan and in the United States. You can find them practically anywhere including Stop N Shop, 7 Eleven, Circle K, you name it. Ramen and various kinds of noodles have always been popular for college students and J-Snack fans because of their great price, not to mention being easy to eat!

Basically a styrofoam cup, filled with dehydrated noodles. Simply add hot water, add flavoring, wait 3 minutes, voila!. A great brand that is famous for them is Nissin

These little cups of dried pasta, along with Hot Pockets, make up the entire diet of some college students. They are cheap, easy to make, and full of MSG which makes them tasty. Most people ignore the 'add hot water' part and just nuke the things for 3 minutes and eat them. They are good when youre in a hurry, when youre drunk, or when you're just lazy as is often the case. They come in a variety of flavors, but some of the more exotic ones are quite nasty so you should stick to the more familiar types. They come in a few different brand names as well, the most common being Cup O' Noodles and Maruchan Instant Lunch. I don't think it really matters which brand you choose because the noodles always taste only slightly better than the styrofoam cup. But hey, for 25 cents, who can complain?

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