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The balint group is horrified.

"Yeah," says Qia. "So, that's the request. Here, knives all around."

Most of the angels take the knives very reluctantly. A few are like Qia.

Qia takes the first whack with her ax. The right foot is neatly severed. She grabs it and slides it towards the other end of the long table. It is not very splattery but a few of the angels wince. Tends to be the ones all in white. The rainbow robed and winged one giggles and exhales more pot. Stoned angels, thinks Qia. Holy God Damn. She whacks off the other foot and pulls the body along the table. She eyes the knee. Flips the body over. Hooray for anatomy class, makes it all easier. One leg, two legs. On to the hips.

The body parts are now being sliced and diced.

"This is romantic?" mutters a gray angel. Well, white and black feathers in a chevron pattern on ther's wings. Gender um, Qia notes. Wow, very woke.

"He will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with night and pay no worship to the garish sun." quotes Qia.

"That is a very bad British accent." says an angel mostly in black except for his white chaps. No robe. Unequivocally male. His British accent is excellent.

"So, you say it."

He declaims: "He will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with night and pay no worship to the garish sun." There is a little ironic applause, but when that is splattery, people go back to chopping.

Qia hands off the head except for the jaw. She saws it up with a sawzall. Angels are starting to shift. "Ok, ok," she says, "done."

"Now what?" says the chaps angel. "How are we sticking it all up there?"

Heaven is currently a bowl shape over the earth. From everywhere on earth. The same bowl shape. Where ever you go, there you are, with the center of the bowl directly when you look up.

"How about a blanket toss?" says Qia. "Unless we each want to go stick 30-40 pieces up individually."

"Oh, ick. Blanket toss is fine."

The blanket is very large, large enough for the whole balint group to hold a section. It's not really circular. More of a fluffy cloud shape. They pile all the bits of the body on to the blanket.

"Ok," says Qia. "We will go up and down gently for three counts, then everyone go up HARD."




"NOW!" All the angels at once flip the blanket upwards. The body bits fly through the air and stick to the bowl of heaven.

"Great." says an angel. "It's dripping."

"You sure they will be in love with night?" asks Chaps.

"Dunno." says Qia. "Will it drip in the day too?"

"I think so," says Chaps.

"Ok, well, that's bloody well enough for today." says the moderator. "Qia, we appreciate the contributions you are making on earth and we really TRY to appreciate what you bring to the group. But don't do it again."

"Yeah, thanks," says Qia. "I have to admit that I kind of hope this is a one off too. See you next week." She heads back to her assignment, wiping off the drips.

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