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Rooms are generally only darkened when sinister things are afoot. For example, if an adulterous couple decide to commit the act, they generally turn off the lights first, dissapointing any nosy onlookers.

this nodeshell was (ahem) rescued by/from the void

Darkened rooms aren't always the breeding ground for sinister activity. Sometimes they are the most peaceful, beautiful little corners of the universe.

I like to turn the lights off in my bedroom and flick on my glitter lamp, which succeeds only in creating a water'y effect on the white of my ceiling which contrasts again with the dark blue of the walls. A darkened room can mean someone is simply relaxing, dreaming, living, being.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to always write in a darkened room, curtains drawn, by nothing more than possibly a candlelight, or in this instance, the glow of my monitor. A darkened room need not be a solid black pit of questionable activity.. it might just be the last refuge from the white noise of an overly busy world.
Darkened rooms are also required for amateur photo development, sleep (for many people) and the viewing of glow-in-the-dark toys or stick-on stars, activities which I suppose could be considered sinister under the right circumstances, but generally probably aren't.

Yeah, I know that for photo development it isn't dark, just red, but it's funny how a color of light besides white or yellowish-white (those incandescent bulbs?) doesn't seem to make a room seem lit.

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