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No, no, no. Do not date patients. Also do not have sex with patients in your office: yep, I know a married doctor who got into rather hot water.... just deserts.

Re dating patients:http://themphp.org/Archive/Articles/tabid/98/ArticleID/139/When-Is-It-Okay-to-Date-a-Patient-Medscape-Ethics-Report-2012-by-Shelly-Reese.aspx.

I am not offended if my over 90 year old patients flirt with me, but only mild flirting, mind. Under 90, um, no.

This is based on an actual conversation:

Over 90 year old patient: "You are divorced, right?"


"That was your ex at the 5 year celebration of the clinic?"


"I didn't like him."

I laugh.

"Are you dating? Why don't you date me?"

"It's not ethical. You have to switch doctors for a full year, then we could discuss it."

"A year! I could be dead.... how about we just sneak around?"

I just laughed and set him up for his visit in three months. It still makes me giggle. No, we are not going to sneak around....

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