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Pretty much any day is good for a date; I mean are you really going to turn down a date because it's not on a day that you're used to (well maybe Tyler would... see below)? I didn't think so; not for most of us. But, I think that you can pretty much judge your dating status based on what day the date is on.

Of course, this is in no way scientific, but here are the results of an official poll at work and among some other friends on the best day(s) for dating:

  1. Saturday (88)
  2. Friday (81)
  3. Tuesday (51)
  4. Thursday (50)
  5. Sunday (42)
  6. Wednesday (37)
  7. Monday (32)
(relative scores in brackets)

Oh, and, one friend responded with:

1. Friday
2. Fuck the rest of the days.
(and he was in the control group).



  • absolutely bad, chicks back to work, long week ahead and she has to look her best for a catch like you. Too much pressure
  • monday sucks, now only if that chick would....




  • still leaves the chick Friday with her friends and less pressure to have a good time
  • cheap night at the bar




  • family stuff - get ready to work stuff. Chicks don't want the pressure
  • need comforting for the upcoming week

other miscellaneous comments:

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