An allusion to United States currency and coins, mostly currency. The currency issued by the Federal Reserve Bank features portraits of former presidents on the front side of the bill. The only exception is the $100 note which features a portrait of Benjamin Franklin.

  • $1.00 George Washington First President
  • $5.00 Abraham Lincoln Sixteenth President
  • $10.00 Alexander Hamilton (not a president) Secretary of the Treasury under George Washington
  • $20.00 Andrew Jackson Sixth President
  • $50.00 Ulysses S. Grant Eighteenth President
  • $100.00 Benjamin Franklin (not a president)
    These larger denominations were retired from use in 1969.
  • $500 William McKinley Twenty-fifth President
  • $1000 Grover Cleveland Twenty-second and Twenty-fourth President
  • $5000 James Madison Fourth President
  • $10000 Salmon Chase (not a president) Secretary of the Treasury under President Lincoln
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