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Dead silent sex can be exciting though. It's not the silence that's exciting, it's the circumstances surrounding it that's really where the fun is. Maybe you are in a public place (a library, bathroom stall), or at your parents' house. When desperation strikes, and you and your partner decide to answer... Trying so hard not to make a sound... Trying not to make the squeak of delight, but loving every second of your guilty fun. Maybe your friends are in the next tent over on a camping trip, and you are trying to get away with it. That's the best. Trying hard as hell to be silent, and just barely getting away with it; seeing the delight on your partner's face as he or she is reveling in how bad you two are.

The fateful next day, or immediately after is where the guilt really hits. You walk arond all glowing, knowing you got away with your bit of fun, and no one is any wiser. "Why are you smiling?", they inquire. "Just slept well last night", you respond.

Who says sex without a sound can't be fun!

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