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Dealership is a sweet little Bay Area indie band of excellent quality. Think...three shy geek people do goofy pop rock. Their music is simple and catchy and fun. All three of the band members (Chris Groves, Chris Wetherwell, Jane Pinckard) have their own websites, and two describe themselves as computer afficianados of some nature. The female lead singer, Jane Pinckard, apparently loves playing video games and has an endearing habit of cracking herself up on stage during performances, as if suddenly struck by the amusing incongruity of being a singer in a rock and roll band...kawaii!

I fell in love with their music after hearing Nerdy Girl:

Nerdy girl, she thinks too much of self-inflicted places
where the flowers bloom all year - and he is there.

Sits just seats away with his back to her,
the fictive love of the class monitor,
the thrill is there and at night she conjures...
(itsuka kurun desho, matteru)

I can feel it, I can feel it
I know you want me, I see it
Can you feel it, can you feel it
You'll say you love me and mean it
I can see it, I can see it
I know you'll love me and mean it

Whispers softly in her ear, or takes her by the hand, or maybe
compliments her on her lovely hair.
(doshite konaino? doshite?)
One day he smiles and, oh, she blushes, runs away...
fruition's not the perfect way to end all adolescent crushes...
(ima kite - itsuka!)

- from http://www.dealerkids.com

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