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This is the sound you hear in the chest of someone who has just OD'd on heroin or some other opiate. It sounds just like some marbles rattling around in their chest. It's caused by the loss of the normal cough reflex and the passage of breath through all that mucus building up.

If you should ever hear this sound, get the person to a hospital ASAP.

The death rattle is also the sound of a terminally ill person's breathing right before they die. Their breathing pattern usually switches over about an hour before they die. The Hospice nurse who explained this to me says she sees it in almost every case of terminal illness she encounters.

friday, hit up my guy
 heroin equivalency chart, but 
watches, cards; even these lamps - antiques -
  are two milligrams of hydropmorphone equal to 
blew out a vein;
    So I scored some percocets, does anybody know
     a good how-to for 
couldn't speak
        left a brown residue, not sure
        whether it's safe
kicking cold, inverse peak
    friend said cold water extraction's the way to 
muscle pain
  muscle relaxant
seen my kids in seven weeks
 can only recommend it,
this perfect, purest high.

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