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For those who play with rocks for a living...

de"bi"tage (noun) - pronounced deh-bih-taj

Definition: refers to the waste stone that is produced when somebody makes a tool.

See also: Lithics, i.e., the study of the human use of stone for tools.

Synonyms: flakes, waste flakes, stone chips, chipping debris, lithic waste flakes.
Johnny cut his fingers picking up the debitage scattered on the ground around the spear point he made.

Common materials for the production of stone tools include obsidian, flint and chert. If for some reason you decide to try out some experimental archaeology in the bastion of your own home, heed the following warning. Attempts to make stone tools may cause profuse bleeding from the fingers. I speak from experience.

Source: My lithics lecture notes from 10/04.

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