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SCENE - INTERIOR: A junior-high science classroom. The room is gritty and dingey, coloured dark gray and dusty black.

(rationale: A setting is required that is recognizable to the target market - early to mid teens. The grittiness implies the negativity of the setting.)

The TEACHER writes the words "Pop Quiz" on the board. The class audibly groans.

(In this shot we attempt to create nemesis. The antagonist of the piece is not just the TEACHER, per se, but the entire malaise and Big Brother atmosphere of the school.)

SOUND FX: A rumbling which grows louder, and then becomes a deafening roar.

The classroom begins to vibrate, and then to shake fiercly. Beakers and lab equipment fall off the tables and shatter on the ground. A fishtank explodes, spilling water and aquatic life onto the floor. Dust falls from the ceiling and the teacher jumps back in surprise.

(It's every kid's dream to have his school destroyed by a freak earthquake! We attack the antagonist - the classroom itself - essentially destroying its omnipresence and ambient force with unforeseen destruction. The identity of the attacking force is kept hidden - for the moment.)

ANGLE ON the door of the room, which opens to reveal SCRUFFY KID. SCRUFFY KID has short, brown hair. A retro-1980's t-shirt without logo, and raver beads around his neck. SCRUFFY KID looks stoicly at the violece.

(SCRUFFY KID is most definitely "cool", as shown with his personal style - utterly non-conformist. The fact that he is in the hallway is also an indication of his coolness. Shouldn't he be in class? We don't know! His poise and calm identify him as the protagonist of the piece. At this point, the target market identifies with him, as we have intended.)

SCRUFFY KID takes a violent bite out of THE PRODUCT - a Pillsbury Pizza-Pop. Incredibly, the rumbling stops. Implication is that rumbling was due to SCRUFFY KID's stomach, whose hunger could only be satiated by THE PRODUCT. SCRUFFY KID walks forward beyond the camera.

(Now the mystery is solved! SCRUFFY KID is extremely powerful. He is the lone student that can attack the antagonist - the school. But, he is not at all concerned with his powers as he is Way Too Cool! THE PRODUCT is used by SCRUFFY KID to control his powers, and to stay cooler than the other kids, cowering in the classroom.)


MUSIC funky bassline.

ANNOUNCER: Pillsbury Pizza-Pops.

SECOND ANNOUNCER: Stop the rumble!

(One final shot of the product to glue it into the minds of the target market. THE PRODUCT itself is now implicitly cool!)

FADE OUT, quickly.

(Baby, we are gonna sell a million Pizza-Pops to those dumb teenagers. Trust me.)

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