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the other day, i had to move my car early in the morning so they could sweep the streets in my neighborhood. i moved my car about six blocks away and caught the bus.

while i was on the bus, an image of where i parked my car popped into my head. i'm not sure why this happened, but i noticed (a bit belatedly) that in this image, there was a big sign that said "parking one hour." as i was on my way to work for the day, i would have been towed had i left my car there, so i got off the bus, took the bus going the other way, went back and moved my car.

this is how i came to ride three busses before even getting a cup of coffee that morning. all because of a severely delayed reaction to a parking sign.

One month later...

I kind of hope this is the beginning of a new trend in my brain's functioning. It happened again. My brain took another snapshot of a scene, and processed it hours later.

Check this out: I was on a rafting trip with a friend of mine, and he filled out the consent form, but didn't put the city, state and zip. So, being a ridiculously compulsive proofreader, I added it in for him.

It wasn't until I was on my way home that I saw, for some reason, an image of the consent form in my head. Not the whole consent form, actually, just the end of his address. It read, "V--- Ave., #43." It only then occurred to me that he had moved since I'd last seen him, and never told me about it. I e-mailed him to confirm, and he had, indeed, moved.

This is hardly an earth-shattering event, but the way my brain handled it is so odd. So very, very odd...

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